•          Welcome to the “One Stop Shopping  Store"  designed for Queen City Stem School.

  •          We Take Pride in Serving the Highest Quality of School Apparels at  "Affordable Prices" since 2009.

  •          As the PVD Promo group, we are proud to be working with your school and hope to further assist with collective efforts towards a higher quality education for your students. Our group has started a new “Referral to My Clasroom” program in which we would like to grant 5% of every purchase from our website directly for classroom use.

  •          At the end of each parent’s check-out, they will be able to indicate the name of their child’s teacher. Therefore, we can make sure each shopping visit will ensure financial benefit to the student’s classroom.  Our funds will be used at each teacher’s own discretion.

  •          We  strongly believe that quality of education comes with collective efforts of all concerned parties.  And we  take the pride of being a part of this collective efforts. 

  •         Please select your child’s teacher. If you wish  , you  can also  make your referral  to general school fund.