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Shipping Date:  

You will be notified through email when your package has been sent to your home.

Shipping  Time:

School Uniform orders will be processed within 5 business days in addition to the expected 2-3-day shipping time. You will receive a tracking number as soon as you order is shipped out.

How do I track my order?

For each order, we send the tracking information to your e-mail account. Thus, you have the exact information when the shipping is arriving your address.

How do I return an item?

If you ordered wrong size or color and want to change it, then you need to send us the items you received within 5 business days along with a $7 shipping fee.
About Us:

       Student Apparel Inc.  highly values customer satisfaction and we pride ourselves on building lasting relationships with the customers that we serve. Our clients’ continued and long standing association with Student Apparel Inc. are testimonies to our efficiency, skills, and reliability. In regards to logistics and distribution, Student Apparel Inc. has invaluable experience, a well-established network of business partners and clients, and product expertise. We are accustomed to filling bulk orders by required delivery dates, and we are well equipped to handle both large and small orders throughout the life of a contract.

         Student Apparel Inc.’s many years of experience and highly-trained staff has allowed us to develop business solutions that optimize the ease of order placement, the speed of order processing and shipment, and the responsiveness of customer service.